Vajazzling in Melbourne

Accessorizing your privates is the hottest rage.
From crystal flowers to customized favourites, you too can now decorate your own jewels

choose from an assortment of real Swarovski Crystal designs

Vajazzle beading

Vajazzling has become almost as popular as Brazilian waxing thanks to Jennifer Love-Hewitt's tell all on The Lopez Show back in 2010! But what exactly is it to Vajazzle? Vajazzle quite simply is just a take off of bedazzle!  Vajazzle is about blinging out certain body parts with fun designs and body ornamentation. Most Vajazzles are done right after a hair removal treatment as hair free skin can hold onto the Vajazzle bead over quite a few days.

5 facts Vajazzle body Crystals

  1. Vajazzling is the art of applying genuine Swarovski® crystals to the bikini area and body, usually after hair removal. Each individual crystal is flat on one side and specially cut to be used on the body
  2. Vajazzle crystals are perfectly safe for skin. They last for many days and look great! Simply peel off the white backing sheet of the tattoo and press the crystals to the skin. Note: skin must be oil and lotion free to ensure the crystals stay affixed for as long as possible.
  3. The glue used is safe for skin. If the Vajazzle Crystals are applied correctly and looked after, they should last 5-10 days or more.  Note: The glue has been allergy tested and dermatologist approved. In case of any irritation occurs, please discontinue use of the crystals.
  4. Vajazzle Crystals are waterproof including swimming and showering
  5. The individual Vajazzle Crystals can be reapplied to the skin using eyelash glue.

How to Vajazzle?

Simply peel off the white backing sheet of the tattoo and press the Swarovski crystals to the skin

Vajazzle step 1

Firmly press the tattoo to ensure each individual Swarovski® crystal sticks to the skin

Vajazzle step 2

Gently peel off the plastic sheet

Vajazzle step 3

Vajazzling is really just for fun and no different to getting a spray tan, colouring your hair or painting your fingernails. It is simply a sparkly way to express yourself


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