Mole Removal

Moles come in a variety of shapes and colours, and in many cases can have medical considerations or impact the individual’s health. For this reason, it is critical to ensure that all moles are inspected by a medical professional prior to embarking on treatment.

Laser Queen can provide treatment for all moles determined to be of cosmetic concern. Any mole of medical concern cannot be treated at our location – a letter from your doctor is required to certify that the mole in question is only cosmetic. We offer a selection of treatments helping everyone to achieve the results they want, delivering clearer skin for people of every complexion.

We understand the importance of getting the skin you want, so Laser Queen makes our services accessible to more people, ensuring everyone can get the procedure they need. Start a conversation with our staff today to learn how we can help you.

The right choice for you

Laser Queen provides two options for the treatment and removal of moles of cosmetic concern. Both are non-invasive procedures and do not involve excision, cryotherapy, or ligation:

  1. A specially formulated topical application developed in the United States can be applied to the mole, drawing it out of the skin and causing it to disappear within two weeks. After disappearing, a small pink spot is left behind which will slowly fade to your normal skin colour over the following weeks.
  2. Using a process referred to as micro-thermocoagulation and a device called the Clinical Skin Clear (Lamprobe 4000), a small electrical current is arced through the mole, vaporising the cells with minimal discomfort for the client.

Our consultation will determine which is most appropriate, based on inspection of your moles, complexion and skin type. Make an appointment to learn more.

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