Laser hair removal myths

Despite the fact that laser hair removal exists for over 30 years, many individuals are nevertheless sceptical

that you can get rid of unwanted hair forever

What is myth and What is real in laser hair removal?

I guess this is just a result of the various misconceptions which have been associated with this hair removal method. We decided to list most common once and share the truth behind them.

5 Common myths revealed

  1. The classic myth on laser hair removal is that it might trigger significant injuries to essential organs of your human body or cause cancer. This is absolutely false because the laser pulses usually don’t penetrate deep enough into the skin and almost never past the roots on the hair. The worst side effect for individual may perhaps be slight redness on the skin, which also subsides down in a number of hours.
  2. Laser hair removal causing scars and marks on the skin. This is not correct either as laser or IPL don’t pierce or tear the skin, unless you are going to scratch it. Most importantly remember avoiding the sun, sweating and other things that irritate the skin
  3. Laser hair removal is not affordable. Treatments from experienced and skilled laser experts are relatively priced, however if you look the long term it proves to be a big saving in time and money.
  4. Another misconception is that laser hair removal causes hair growth. This one is fully untrue as laser destroys the hair follicles for good. But bear in mind that laser therapy won’t be able to avoid the growth of new hair in long run. That is why maintenance sessions required
  5. Pain factor. In general laser hair removal only causes gentle discomfort and is least painful compare to waxing and electrolysis. And I’m talking from personal experience here.

Consult a qualified and experienced laser technician.

Stay away of non-trained and poorly trained technicians who can't explain properly what is the myth and what is not in laser hair removal


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Laser hair removal myths.
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