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How does it work? Will it work for me? How much is cost? How I can get discounts?

This type of questions we dealing on daily basis. Please read them carefully and ask more

FAQ - Everything YOU need to know

FAQ is here to answer the questions that you have about removing hair with lasers and having injections and dermal fillers done. It is incredibly important that you do the research before you think about cosmetic procedure. While all laser and antiageing treatments are incredibly safe, you do not want to do this if you are not feeling comfortable and safe.

By ensuring you are well informed about the process, how it works and what to expect, you are more at ease.

Here are the TOP 5 Questions we get asked.

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal, while safe when done correctly can cause the skin to burn. The energy from the laser is targeted at color. Darker colors attract more of the lasers energy. This becomes a problem for people with skin color is close to the color of their hair. Laser energy is no longer just absorbed into the hair follicle, but is absorbed into the skin as well, which can cause burning, scarring and damage. The larger the difference or contrast between the color and your skin, the better a candidate you are for laser hair removal.

laser difference

What is the difference between Laser hair removal and pulsed light treatment?

Pulsed light treatment is not actually a form of laser. However, using intense high energy light it produces the same effect as laser hair removal. These devices are harder to adjust to each person skin and hair type and therefore require larger expertise to use than laser hair removal devices.

Hair in unwanted places can be a big headache for many people. The growth of body hair generally differs from person to person for many reasons, but what seems to bring it all together, as is feared hair growth side is that everyone wants more effective way get rid of this hair, with a minimum of pain and money

What is Vajazzle?

Laser Queens added a little extra detail to full Brazilian procedures, and it’s a phenomenon called the Vajazzle. It involves having completely smooth skin, and then applying a pattern of Swarovski crystals as a temporary decal on your skin. We love the sparkles and we can take care of it for you too!

Are cosmetic injections painful?

The injections may prick a little, but normally no anaesthesia is needed for this little procedure on your wrinkles and folds. For the more sensitive, an anaesthetic cream is normally applied 1 – 2 hours prior to treatment to numb the area. For some treatments a dental block is advised.

Some gel like dermal fillers already contains a local anaesthetic and therefore there will be no requirement for additional topical anaesthetic with this product.

Having said all this, if you still want the anesthetic we'll be able to provide it for you.

Can you recommend home skincare product for ...?

When it comes to advice on home skincare products, you need to know about your skin type. There are many skin types including sensitive, dry, normal, oily, and combination and also many "sub types". You also need to consider ingredients in the skin care formulation. Skin care and skin analysis consult by the specialist before using skin care products ensures that you purchase the best for your skin type and skin condition.



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