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Whether you are looking for help with a specific problem or overall improvement with a total body package, we will give you that personalised attention.

Highly trained specialists, who regularly attend specialised courses to keep up to date and informed on the latest techniques, research and equipment

About Laser Queen

Situated in the heart of the exclusive Melbourne Chadstone Shopping centre, Laser Queen is the destination for discerning men and woman who desire to either maintain or enhance their appearance. Laser Queen is an initiative of the Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness clinic giving specific attention to laser hair removal and antiageing procedures from a professional standpoint. Each aesthetician is a Queen in a selected area, whether it be laser hair removal, facial and body treatments or anti-ageing injections.

This easily accessible and convenient location with unlimited parking ensures that customers are provided with a  comfortable and peaceful ambience and are able to discover the emphasis we place on privacy, discretion and personal attention.


Who we are

The Laser Queen environment was created to provide clients with the latest, most innovative procedures in a private, intimate atmosphere. The Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic prides itself on keeping up with the latest international trends and being able to provide clients with a total anti-ageing service.

Only scientifically tested products, treatments and equipment are sourced and used in our regimes and procedures. At the clinic, each client receives personalized care and a thorough consultation with one of our LASER QUEENS. We build our relationships by customising our service to each client's needs, personality and expectations.

The continuously expanding range of treatments and quality of work makes the MELBOURNE Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic  one of the leading aesthetic and skin care centres in Melbourne.

Are you confused and frustrated seeking treatment for Intense Pulsed Light, Laser Hair Removal or Anti-Wrinkle Injections? If you are ready to discover the secret to staying young and beautiful you have come to the right place - Laser Queen.


Mesoeclat Skin Rejuvenation
5 sessions - $ 999
Saving - $ 250
Bonus Starter Pack Serum

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